Savor Health is a digital health company that provides personalized nutritional strategies to prevent and manage the symptoms of chronic disease in order to to improve adherence, compliance and survival, reduce healthcare costs, enhance quality of life and satisfaction, and develop PRO and real world data insights.

Multi-disease platform and virtual assistant Ina® developed for oncology as proof of concept.

Our results: 70% engagement, 83% satisfaction, and likelihood to recommend of 4.3 out of 5.

“I wanted you all to know that I truly wish I would have had a system like Ina® when I was going through my treatment. May you never be in need of a system like this, but if you are, it is good to know you have a “friend in Ina®” who can offer advice without being judgemental.” (Tamara, New York, 10/23/20)

Savor Health is offering Ina® for free throughout the COVID-19 crisis: Ina Support.

For Enterprise Solutions contact Laura Romeu at

Ina® provides virtual support 24/7 “on demand” via SMS text and chat


 Powered by an expert system which combines over 41,000 proprietary clinical rules and evidence-based interventions, Ina® provides literature-based and -referenced personalized nutritional strategies to prevent and manage the symptoms and side effects of cancer and cancer treatment.   

License Ina® to provide the symptom management support that cancer patients need and desire 24/7 “on demand.” 

Ina Color

The Patient Tells Ina® About Their Cancer, Cancer Treatment, and Other Information

Including their specific medical, side effect, and nutritional information and concerns.

Savor Health’s Proprietary Expert Platform Evaluates Unique Patient Needs 

Matching algorithms identify the most clinically and contextually appropriate symptom management intervention from expert database.

Ina® Texts Personalized Symptom Management Intervention and Guidance to Patient

The same expert guidance of an oncology dietitian – designed to support each patient’s unique needs based on 10+ variables. 

Savor Health is proud to be part of Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS program and StartUp Health

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