Savor Health is a digital health company that provides cancer patients personalized nutrition symptom management interventions to increase adherence and survival, reduce costs, improve the patient experience and deliver PRO and real world data insights to our enterprise partners.

Savor Health’s virtual dietitian chatbot, Ina®, can be accessed 24/7 “on demand” via SMS text.

Ina® offers pharmaceutical, payor and provider enterprises an affordable and effective way to address the unmet nutritional issues present in 90% of cancer patients at time of diagnosis.

Our results: 70% engagement, 83% of patients say Ina® helps manage their symptoms and 4.3 out of 5 patients are likely to recommend Ina® to a friend.

“In this ‘social distancing’ time, Ina® sends warm messages and queries that are connecting.” (User, 3/13/20)

Savor Health is offering Ina® for free throughout the COVID-19 crisis: Ina Support.

For Enterprise Solutions contact Jenny Blackham at

Ina® the “Intelligent Nutrition Assistant” Chatbot


 Powered by an expert system which combines over 41,000 proprietary clinical rules and evidence-based nutrition interventions, Ina® provides literature-based and -referenced nutrition intervention and guidance to patients based their unique needs and issues.   

License Ina® so that your enterprise can provide the nutrition support and guidance cancer patients need 24/7 “on demand.” 

Ina Color

The Patient Tells Ina® About Their Cancer, its Treatment, and Other Information

Including their specific medical, side effect, and nutritional information and concerns.

Savor Health’s Proprietary Algorithms Evaluate Patient Needs and Preferences 

Based on each patient’s unique profile, Savor Health’s algorithms identify the most appropriate supportive guidance for the patient from our expertly curated content database.

Ina® Texts Personalized, Clinically Appropriate Nutrition Guidance

Highly personalized, clinically appropriate nutritional guidance is texted to the patient based on his/her unique needs and preferences and in response to their questions or requests.  

Savor Health is proud to be part of Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS program and StartUp Health

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