Savor Health is a digital health platform that provides cancer patients personalized, clinically and contextually appropriate nutrition and symptom management interventions to improve adherence and outcomes, reduce costs, better the patient experience and deliver actionable real world data and PRO to our enterprise partners.

Created by a team of oncology-credentialed medical professionals and technology experts, our virtual dietitian, Ina®, can be accessed via SMS text 24/7 “on demand” for support.

Ina® offers pharmaceutical, payor and provider enterprises an affordable and effective way to address the unmet nutritional issues present in 90% of cancer patients at time of diagnosis.

Our results: 70% engagement, 83% of patients say Ina® helps manage their symptoms and 4.3 out of 5 patients are likely to recommend Ina® to a friend.

“In this ‘social distancing’ time, Ina® sends warm messages and queries that are connecting.” (User, 3/13/20)

Savor Health is offering Ina® for free throughout the COVID-19 crisis: Ina Support.

For Enterprise Solutions contact Jenny Blackham at

How Savor Health’s Personalized Nutrition Technology Works


Ina® empowers patients and caregivers with the expert guidance to prevent and manage symptoms, remain independent and regain control.

Nutrition is one of the few things in life patients can control.  Our knowledge-based expert system leverages the latest in evidence-based science, clinical best practices, and unique patient data to determine the most clinically and nutritionally appropriate nutrition guidance for each patient and which is communicated through SMS text with Ina®, Savor Health’s “Intelligent Nutrition Assistant.”  

License Ina® for your employees, members, and patients to receive personalized nutrition guidance 24/7 “on demand.” 

Ina Color

The Patient Tells Ina® About Their Cancer, its Treatment, and Other Information

Including their specific medical, side effect, and nutritional information and concerns.

Savor Health’s Proprietary Algorithms Evaluate Patient Needs and Preferences 

Based on each patient’s unique profile, Savor Health’s algorithms identify the most appropriate supportive guidance for the patient from our expertly curated content database.

Ina® Texts Personalized, Clinically Appropriate Nutrition Guidance

Highly personalized, clinically appropriate nutritional guidance is texted to the patient based on his/her unique needs and preferences and in response to their questions or requests.  

How We Help Cancer Patients And Caregivers

Savor Health was originally founded to provide home delivery of nutritious medically-tailored meals, customized according to our proprietary clinical algorithms to nourish and manage treatment side effects.  After learning that meal delivery signifies a loss of independence and control and that grocery shopping, cooking, and other actions to prevent and manage side effects signify being in control, we created Ina® to provide patients and caregivers with proactive and medically approved recipes, tips, and other actionable guidance empowering them to safely take back control.

We’re in the business of nourishing the body, mind and spirit of people with cancer.

Savor Health is proud to be part of Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS program and StartUp Health

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